AI-powered video highlights generator

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automatically turn your lengthy recordings of livestreams & podcasts, into snackable video highlights.

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no effort needed
you just pick your favorite moments among our AI-powered recommendations.

video podcasters & streamers love qlip

How it works

pick and go.

our AI does the heavy lifting so you just have to pick. no need to watch your whole footage again or read through a transcript.

upload a recording

audio or video: our machine learning model recommends top highlights.

pick your favorite

your templated video clips are auto-generated (colors, logo, title,...).

share your clips

post on social media, embed on your website/platform, link on email/sms,...

Use cases

easily expand across social.

how to leverage your clips.

podcast marketing

increase listeners by engaging your audience before and after

publish consistently

upgrade your social scheduling with auto-generated engaging videos.

repurpose for every social's formula

get adapted clips for each platform's requirements.


machine learning and video.

we extract semantically independent moments from your content and recommend you the best ones.

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natural language processing

semantics, sentiment, topic modelling, intent

signal processing

tone of voice, pauses, pitch

computer vision

point of attention, automated cropping

case study

Station F

turned a 1h replay on youtube into a bunch of <1min square & vertical captioned clips in no-time. their event is debriefed straightaway on multiple platforms. their social calendar and email nurturing campaigns are boosted with video highlights.


our beta phase
is 100% free.

then we'll charge a monthly subscription depending on how many hours of recording you'll upload on our platform.

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send us your recordings

video/audio URL (e.g., Youtube, GDrive, WeTransfer, etc.)

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